The Shutdown Corner Interview: Buffalo Bills DT Marcell Dareus, Pt. 1By Marcell Dareus during his temporary ownership of the Washington Redskins. (AP)

When the selected Alabama defensive lineman with the third overall elect among the 2011 NFL Draft, much was expected. And along the abolish of his neophyte campaign it's safe apt mention that even more was delivered. Dareus stood out from the begin merely he actually caught burn among the second half of the Bills' 2011 campaign amassing four.five of his 5.5 sacks and six of his eight stuffs from the seventh game aboard As he did among academy Dareus proved to be supremely versatile, playinwholesale nhl jerseysg get out of the way the line amid Buffalo's varied fronts.

during Super Bowl week, and we thought it would be a good duration apt double behind and obtain his thoughts on a few more issues. In Part 1 of this two-part interview (the conclusion aspiration escape on Saturday), Marcell discusses life aboard and off the field amid the NFL, and what it means apt be a actuator among veterans.

Marcell likewise wanted apt conversation almost his relationship with New Era, (),?especially their current line of diagram caps that every player selected this year want be wearing while walking up to get a handshake from Roger Goodell in late Ap You can work apt and beat"Like"for more information.

Shutdown Corner: How did the relationship with New Era start?

Marcell Dareus: It came almost right while I got drafted. The 1st thing you do while you get drafted onward your team namely to put on the crown for that's the first thing you get Being drafted along the , it was crazy,but that's meantime it feels allowable -- while you obtain it [the cap]. It was a special blueprint cap last yearly and it kind of [personifies] that you've reached that goal amid your life that a lot of folk don't reach New Era, they've taken over the NFL mark and they have the best of thyouth nfl jerseyse best.

Some quite cheerful folk ambition be wearing these among April. (New Era)

SC: Your Alabama tape was smart absurd and everyone saw you going very lofty in the chart,yet did you anticipate apt be taken as lofty as you were?

MD: Yes. When I was going through the process,equitable listening apt the media and to NFL insiders, you obtain a beautiful good-looking sense of where you're going apt get slotted. Just the way I play and the way Coach [Nick] Saban coaches, I was beautiful sure that I was going beauteous lofty There wasn't a mistrust amid my mind.

SC: What did you understand about Buffalo forward you went tyouth nfl jerseyshere?

MD: I knew that Bruce Smith was a defensive lineman. Just the history of the Super Bowls -- I didn't know a lot,merely I knew a micro and it impartial grew from there.

SC: It was an interesting season as you,because [defensive tackle] lost time to injuries, and you were injured yourself,but you played through those and really became the main masculine aboard that defensive line. You came on as a player as the season progressed,merely I wanted to talk about your persona as a juvenile actuator -- there was the impassioned talk you gave apt your teammates subsequently a three-game losing streak. What was that always nearly?
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